750L Auto-Locking Tipping Skip


The Teleskip is the latest development in the Tipping Skip range, keeping the driver of the Telehandler in the safety of his cab at all times.

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The 750L Auto-Locking Tipping Skip is the safest and most efficient innovation in the Tipping Skip market, that aims to keep the driver of the Telehandler in the safety of his cab at ALL times. The Teleskip automatically locks and unlocks behind the fork heels using a gas strut mechanism  rather than the traditional safety chain that standard tipping skips rely on. Once loaded with material the Teleskip is raised and tipped using the Telehandler arm. There is no pivot or self-tipping mechanism required on a Teleskip. 

Teleskips are quickly taking over from the traditional tipping skips on new build construction sites, where telehandlers are present and health and safety is vitally important. We are so confident in the quality of all of our tipping skips and the benefits of our teleskip that we offer free demonstrations and trials upon request, often in order to compare with our competitors poor quality replications. We are convinced that once you have used our teleskip you will be convinced that they are not only the most advanced model on the market, but also the most robust and best value for money available.

The advantages of the Teleskip over conventional tipping skips are:

  • Automatically lock/unlocks from behind the fork heels
  • No safety retaining chain required
  • Driver ALWAYS in the safety of the cab
  • Controlled tipping from within the cab
  • No hydraulic hoses to attach
  • Less wear & tear to both the Teleskip and Telehandler
  • Easy maintenance

And over the competition?

  • Formed Angle Tops: Each 3mm skip gets its strength and rigidity from the formed and welded integral triangulated top edge.
  • Reinforced Fork Tunnels: The entry point on every 4mm fork tunnel is further reinforced with a 5mm steel strengthener giving you 9mm of steel on the element most susceptible to damage during use
  • Heavy Duty Gas Strut: With over 1750NM of force, our large strut not only ensures the mechanism locks to the forks but it is also incredibly durable. 
  • Mechanism Block: After identifying that on rough ground and with rough treatment the mechanism can be pushed the wrong way causing the strut to break, we have added a steel bar block which stops the skip from being forced in the wrong direction.
  • 5-12mm Steel Locking Mechanism: Our original design is the most robust on the market due to the  extra thickness of the steel components.

Our Teleskips are manufactured in the United Kingdom using a 3mm mild steel plate body with a reinforced angle top and a one way entry base frame in 5mm steel plate, with a total of 9mm of steel around the fork tunnel entry points.

All of our Teleskips are C.E. marked and come complete with full operating instructions. 

Available in 750, 1250 and 1750 litre capacity as standard. Require larger capacity? Get in touch to discuss custom made sizes or additional options such as Mesh Heigh Increases.

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